All three of us


As we don't live together permanent, our people always like to use the camera whenever we all are around.
They seem to be very proud of us:-)
Here are some pictures from these occasions.

We know we can't leave the car before mom allow us,
but sometimes it's kind of hard to remember.

The very first city walk with all three of us together.

We like the beach better - even in February.


sometimes mom need to take lots and lots of pictures.. get us all at the same spot at the same time..

..combined with a good light and nice expression

- but patience sometimes pay off very well!


Click the darn button - we want our treats NOW!!


Another day when plenty of cameras was rolling..

..while mom did her best to get us to pose..

... young Lycka had a really hard time to get it...

.. why on earth does she walk AWAY with the treats??

Old Lattjo takes it cool and does his best to calm..

She WILL come back with it, I promise.


sometimes we fool around a bit, or challenge somebody..

for a walk


For these three pictures mom did everything herself..

positioning, pay-off and pictioring.

She think we are the most gorgeous trio - don't you?


The New Year Holiday 2006-2007 I had the fortune to take the girls
(and the two cats belonging to a really good friend of ours,
 and stay for a week in the breath-taking environments by the lighthouse
where Lattjo and his care-taker work.
My only goal was to relax myself and take care of all the animals
but of course I also had to get to know my brand new Christmas gift - a digital camera.

Mom's three adorable furry friends

Oh no, I wont go up there girls

At the stairway to the lighthouse

more pictures from Hoburgen