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Lycka Vittra Lattjo
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February 2004
Let's introduce to You...

Kitty was the above all boss.  Her pedigree name is Sinsline's Garcinia and she was born here in Sweden. She was mostly red, her coat was broken and she was a little more than 13 years when she left us. Kitty was a little "police" that strongly urged everybody to go by the pack rules. When everything was in order, she was totally satisfied being a couch-potato;-))
Kitty is not with us anymore. She passed the Rainbow Bridge 3/4 -01 and we miss her more than words can tell. Her photo album has been uppdated with a Memorial page and of course there will be no more pictures added.

The handsome guy is Lattjo.  He's the sweetest darling that ever has been born!  His pedigree name is Sinsline's Lakejo and his mother is Kitty's litter sister. His beautiful coat is wired (in UK it's called rough and in the origin country - Spain he might have been considered as soft coated, because they count three different coats - longer hair than 5 cm they call soft). Lattjo is born in December 1993 and he still loves to play around with anyone. His last spectacle was to jump into my tons of pictures:-) Hope You'll enjoy meeting him as much as I enjoy living with him!

Vittra is our serious girl.  The call name is (in Swedish) a mysterious "spirit figure", something like a cross between a fairy and a witch. Also it means "sense a smell in the air". Her pedigree name is Snout NotaBene Gotlandica, which means she's going to be a remarcable girl from Gotland:-)  Vittra is born March 2002 in Finland,  and we are very happy to have her here with us. Her album is the most comprehensive of them all.

Welcome little Lycka !!  (her call name means happiness and fortune). Her pedigree name is Brizuela Gotlandica El-Cruzado, wich can be understood as "the crusader from (the Spanish village) Brizuela to Gotland".   This little cream cake arrived to our home in august 2003, she is a very happy and loveful girl - yet determind:-)

Our lady cat Lajban   was rehomed with us, 10 months old, and a month later we had not just one cat but FOUR!!  Lajban's site is from our wonderful summer 1999 filled with kitten adventures. (Text in Swedish only).


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Taking pictures of my dogs (and occasionally the cat) is a pleasant habit of mine. Unfortunately I don't have a clue about professionalism or likewise...
What You are about to see is just a peek in our family album with quite traditional candy shots. Some photos are close to "catastrophy" and some a little bit worse:-)) But You'll get a few glimpses from the life of our pack - hope You'll enjoy...

The pic's in Lattjo's and Kitty's albums are pretty tiny.  By clicking a picture You will be able to see it a little bit better but still small. In Vittra's and Lycka's albums I've chosen to make the pic's a little larger and not clickable. It would be interesting to hear what you as a visitor prefer.

 If You would like to print out or use any of my pictures I ask that You mail me first. There might be a good chance to get a copy of better quality - if You describe Your aims with it:-)

We wish You a very nice journey and welcome back!!

Kristina and the Ibizan Hounds of Gotland,Sweden


Now and then I find some spare time  and inspiration to play around a little
These images was created by me - they may be a little "corny" because they carry a protection watermark stamp. I've been using the Paintshop Pro picture editor for more than three years now and still I discover new exciting features every now and then:-))

We wish You a very happy Milennium!

Kristina Lattjo Kitty Lajban
This is what our pack looked like in the year 2000 (on New Years Day;-)

Year 2002. Vittra is pulling the sledge for Santa (because Rudolf got stuck in some electric wires), Lattjo want's an early peak in the sack:-))
Lattjo Kristina
Lycka Vittra
We sincerely wish you a 2004 filled with success and joy!
Merry Christmas 2004 - Mom's favorite picture lasted for a whole year even though Lycka doesn't really look as childish this winter as she did the last one.

Our Christmas greeting
for 2005




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